Core Values

Our core values are what we are committed to as a church. Decisions on what we do are based on how our ministries fit in with our values. These values are solidly based on biblical principles and reflect our beliefs.

Worshipping God

  • Contemporary worship. Sunday worship is relevant and understandable to the churched and unchurched.
  • Foundational prayer. Prayer is integral to the function of every group and ministry.

Belonging in God's family

  • Community of small groups. Every person participates in a small group that fulfills at least one of the five purposes of the church.
  • Support of the family. Church ministries work to strengthen the family and help it to grow.

Growing to maturity

  • Progressive discipleship. A designed course of biblical study and commitment leads a newcomer to spiritual maturity.
  • Spirit-empowerment. The Holy Spirit is the source of empowerment for carrying out the purposes of the church.

Serving others

  • Ministry for the whole person. Our ministries meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in the church and community.
  • Divine design ministry. People are matched to ministry positions based on their own unique divine design.

Telling about Jesus

  • Corporate and personal outreach. We reach out to the unchurched in St. Louis with every possible means including Sunday morning worship, small groups, personal witness and church planting.
  • World missions. We support world missions through financial commitment and personal involvement.